love story: nell & adam

“Online dating sucks…until the one time it doesn’t.”

It’s a great line, and if anyone out there uses it, they should give credit to my friend Nell Reid.  Nell’s one of my favorite examples of how your life can turn around in an instant:  she met her husband Adam the very same day she jumped back on JDate after a hiatus.

Nell had what you’d call a “shift”: she had just returned from a trip to Iceland – and there, on a rooftop, she looked up at the sky and rattled off a list of qualities she wanted in a man.  She came back from the trip in such a great frame of mind and feeling so good about herself, that she re-wrote her profile.

“I secreted him,” she says, referring to, of course, The Secret, which she had read a few months before.

“Adam was living in Washington Heights, and I was in the East Village,” so we probably wouldn’t have met otherwise.  But then we figured out we’d been at the same midnight screening of Lord of the Rings a few years before.”

Their second date came shortly after.  “He took me to see Darjeeling Limited and then out for Indian Food.  I thought that was clever,” she recalls.

The connection was instant and deep, and they quickly became very comfortable with each other… so much, that Nell invited him home for Thanksgiving – even though they’d only known each other for two months.

Then she “had a bug out,” as she calls it.

“The Thanksgiving before, my ex had been home with me; and it all just felt weird.  I freaked. It was moving too fast for me, and I told him we needed to slow down.”

Adam gave her the space she needed, and they went their separate ways.  But he never stopped letting her know how he felt about her.  He even invited her to vacation in St. John in December, but she already had plans to go to Mexico.

“We kind of took that time off from each other.  When we returned, we started hanging out and things quickly got serious again.”

In January 2009, he proposed to her on his birthday – at the same restaurant they had their first date.  They were married at a barn in the Berkshires on October 3, 2009.

During the rehearsal dinner, Adam, who’s a filmmaker (check out his award-winning feature Hello Lonesome) surprised her with a short video he made.  The voiceover is Adam reading his JDate profile:

Beautiful, right?

Their secret (besides The Secret)?  Well, from over here, it’s clear that they both support each other’s passions: Nell believed in Adam’s movie from the start and was a pivotal factor in its production, and Adam encouraged Nell to leave her job in advertising sales to discover her bliss.  You can read all about that on her blog, Nell’s Dish du Jour.

Lately, her bliss is their baby boy Theo, who just turned 7 months and who is so yummy I almost ate him when we met for lunch.

Photo courtesy Nell Reid

Nell’s a gifted photographer, and it’s no surprise that Adam has also been turning his camera on their favorite subject:

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