love story: lindy & david

Wonderful things happen when I’m in a queue.  Last week, it was the standby line for a performance of The Comedy of Errors at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park.  That’s where I met David, 38, and his fiancé Lindy, 33, visiting from Johannesburg.  First we started talking about food, and then we quickly went on to the next logical matter:  their love story.

David and Lindy were beyond fantastic.  The interview is completely uncut (though I really need a normal camera with a mic!), and I dare you not to smile while you’re watching.  I’m really happy with it, especially because they talk about “bashert”–one of my favorite words.  Find out why as the sounds of a sax and the backdrop of an oak set the perfect stage for this narrative.  Also watch for Lindy’s ethereal expressions and listen for David’s wise words.

Thank you both for sharing your love–I hope you enjoy this souvenir for many joyful years to come.


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