hello. hola.

DSC_0871I spend a good, hearty chunk of my time plotting what to eat next and pondering the mysteries of love, both of which come together in a lot of what I write.

Growing up in a Cuban family in Miami meant getting my first love lessons from over-the-top Latin soap operas.  Meanwhile, I listened intently as my mother claimed she fell instantly for her first boyfriend upon glimpsing his shoes and noted the glint in my grandfather’s eye when he recalled my grandmother capturing his heart on a bus ride in Havana.  It was all very…passionate.

In college, I fell in love with none other than J.S. Bach.  Classical music made me feel things I never had before, so I got myself a job at South Florida’s classical radio station before moving to New York to get a Master’s in cultural journalism at NYU.  Soon, I realized I couldn’t afford a truffle-sized apartment in Manhattan on a reporter’s salary and sold my soul to advertising, working as a copywriter for agencies and clients big and small.  All along, I was teaching myself to cook by going out to eat, dissecting those dishes in my mouth, and trying to duplicate them at home.

In 2004, I moved to London and started a food blog, Ripe London, while training as a pastry chef at Le Cordon Bleu.  That got me an appearance on UK TV (I busted my gut breaking down their defenses), which led to a series of articles for the press, including a plum assignment (I was entirely out of my league) covering Tiger Woods for The New York Times without ever having picked up a golf club.

I also became a certified yoga teacher (who doesn’t?) and created a healthy-eating website: Green Appetite.

In 2010 I returned to my beloved New York, where I decided it was also time to make a home for my words and share my discoveries – both cultural and culinary.  I hope you enjoy them, and that my love of love ignites more of the same in you.